ONIX Ninja.

Your ONIX -- perfected

We take your ONIX

and make it suitable for anyone
Why choose Us?

Collect.We pick up your files.

You send your ONIX and other files to our FTP server, from where we automatically pick it up. You can send spreadsheets with business rules and additional data that's not in your feed, as well.

Why choose Us?

Connect.We integrate your systems.

ONIX Ninja manages the disconnect with what systems can easily produce and what systems can easily process: a challenge frequently faced by all but the largest of publishers.

Why choose Us?

Correct.We augment your ONIX.

Augment ONIX from your spreadsheets & external sources containing BISAC / pricing / forex / other additional data not in your source system. Join ONIX files together. Split ONIX files.


We rapidly build you a custom service based on your own requirements, including any of the following

Add additional price types

Create subscriber, agency, library and corporate prices based on retail prices, and rounded to your desired price points. Set temporary promotional prices based on your business rules. Add or remove tax components based on national & currency requirements.

Foreign currency calculations

Create foreign currency prices based on up-to-date currency conversion rates. Set territorial limitations on prices.


Extraction of key ONIX data elements for easy validation into PDF, spreadsheet or a human-readable form, sent directly to your email account.

Easy to integrate

Acceptance of data through FTP, 2048-bit SFTP or webpage upload. Automatic distribution to unlimited destinations.

Add more products

We can augment your ONIX with additional products. For example: one ePub in. ePub, Mobi and PDF out.

Merge data sources

Merge data from spreadsheets, text files, or web APIs into your ONIX. Prices from foreign distributors, stock levels from your warehouse system, exchange rates from online ForEx APIs.

About us

ONIX Ninja is from the team behind the award-winning Bibliocloud.com


Kogan Page and Ingram

ONIX Ninja have been great to work with – always available for discussion and always ready to come up with a creative but pragmatic solution. The outcome has not only improved data quality, but has saved time, effort and is flexible enough to address future new metadata requirements.

Martin Klopstock Kogan Page's Digital & Operations Director Download PDF Case Study
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